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As more people and organizations start to advertise their products and services through pay-per-click (PPC) services like Google AdWords or Bing Ads, a working knowledge of how these systems work is required.

Otherwise, both time and money are quickly squandered. This article will explore one of the most popular PPC services on the web — Google AdWords Express. Creating quality ads for your Google AdWords Express account is not easy. Space is limited and most people are not familiar with traditional copywriting (advertising) principles.

AdWords Express grants users one headline that has a maximum of 30 characters and a second headline that also possesses a maximum capacity of 30 characters. These two headlines together are displayed online in a larger, purple font. The final space in AdWords Express gives you up to 80 characters to write a description.

This means that users are given two headlines and a description field which adds up to a total of 140 characters to market their service or product. Your advertising language needs to be concise and convincing. Besides the display of your website’s address, you have very little space to actually explain your product or service.

With this in mind, here are three easy tips to help you create better ads in Google AdWords Express:

[1] Use Specific Numbers: This is an old trick from copywriting. Try to use odd numbers like 31 instead of 30, or  95.3 instead of 90. In both of these cases, the 31 and 95.3 looks more precise and thus trustworthy. These odd numbers also catch your attention because it is uncommon for people to see the number 95.3 in print. This strategy is clearly displayed in the Ad below, with the percentages 82 and 15 displayed prominently in this Google Ad.

[2] Include Funky Characters: These characters include symbols like a “pound sign” next to a number 1 (#1). Or odd characters such as the copyright symbol (©), percentage sign (%) or a money symbol ($). The rationale for this strategy is that these symbols tend to catch a reader’s eye. The hope is that if readers pause while reading the ad, there is a better chance that they will click the ad.

When this happens, these extra clicks will increase the click-through-rate (CTR) for that individual ad. A higher click-through-rate is desired since it is one of the positive indicators for higher sales (conversions) in Google AdWords Express. However, Google has wised up to this practice and will now limit the number of funky characters that are allowed in one ad. In the ad below, the trademark symbol is actually displayed twice.

[3] Include a Call-To-Action & remove risk: This is a clear statement that tells the reader to do something specific. These ads are always written in the active voice. Call-To-Action (CTA) language is a request for the ad reader to do something. These requests are clear and direct. Examples include phrases and keywords like Free Trial, Call Now, Learn More, etc.

The goal of a CTA is to convert a casual reader into a lead which later becomes a paying customer. Often CTA language includes phrasing that reduces or removes the risk for a reader. If the reader feels no hassle or threat, it is easier to convert the casual reader into a customer. For example, the ad below clearly contains call-to-action language as well as no risk wording.

Successful online advertising is a complex and consistently changing landscape. The mentioned copyrighting principles from above is only the start. Google AdWords Express is basically a simplified version of Google AdWords. The full version of AdWords takes online marketing to a whole new level, but it is more complicated. We will provide advice and details on how to use the complete version of Google AdWords in a future article.

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