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In the state of Ohio, companies must be certified by the state in order to offer electronic visit verification (EVV) services to waiver provider agencies. Earlier this year, Advanced Billing & Consulting Service (ABCS) earned their Ohio certification as an alternative electronic visit verification (EVV) vendor.

ABCS has created a cloud-based solution uniquely designed for the needs of Ohio waiver provider agencies. As an Ohio-based company, they have been delivering time management, billing and account management services since 1997. The recent EVV updates have made the eWebSchedule platform even more robust.

Getting Certified:

The certification process was a multi-step task that included in-person demonstrations to the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) and the company Sandata. All companies who are offering alternative EVV services in the state of Ohio, must possess an alternative EVV vendor certification. Otherwise, they are unable to legally offer EVV services to Medicaid Waiver Provider Agencies. In order to achieve this certification, companies need to undergo a lengthy communication and vetting process with ODM and Sandata.

All alternative EVV solutions must be certified by ODM through a hands-on demonstration process to ensure they capture all federal and state-specific requirements. Only after successfully showing that their EVV solution meets state and federal software requirements, can a company earn alternative EVV vendor status.

As a company that works closely with the Ohio waiver provider community, ABCS is proud to have earned certification status. This means that Ohio DODD agencies can trust that their software is a verified EVV solution which includes a time collection system that streamlines an organization’s back-office workflow.

The Waiver Provider Community:

Advanced Billing & Consulting Services has worked with Ohio waiver provider agencies for many decades. This experience allowed them to develop a system that is specifically designed for the needs of waiver provider agencies. The creation of the eWebSchedule software was an answer to this need.

It is a light-weight, front-end solution that can work with a variety of other software systems, while also meeting the unique billing needs of Ohio DD agencies. The eWebSchedule software includes EVV capabilities, time collection tools, staff scheduling, gap analysis, compliance monitoring and more. As a company, ABCS understands that these are the tools that agencies need in order to successfully optimize their back office’s administrative tasks.

The eWebSchedule solution is built on cloud-based technology that utilizes the convenience of mobile apps.

  • App is available for both Apple and Android platforms.
  • The EVV mobile app works both in and out-of-data coverage areas.  
  • The interface easily allows supervisors to respond to employee shifts that ODM/Sandata may flag as an exception to be investigated.
  • Fully supported by ABCS RCM’s account management & billing service.
  • Integrates with timecard approval in order to save valuable time.

For any problems that may arise, the staff at ABCS is available to help. Otherwise, if a waiver provider agencies chooses not to use an alternative vender, they must use the state provided EVV system. This system uses devices and interfaces provided by Sandata Technologies.

Choosing to not use EVV:

The Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) monthly EVV Stakeholder meetings have made it clear that all provider agencies need to have EVV technology included with their reported visits. Eventually, all claims need to have an EVV validation or they will be denied payment. Another possibility is that providers could face an audit or be seen as being out of compliance.

ODM has worked diligently to contact Phase 2 providers who are currently not using EVV solutions. These individuals and agencies who are still not displaying EVV technology on their visits are considered to be in non-compliance. Providers who are still not using an approved EVV system, should receive communication from ODM.

The most recent reports state that more providers are using an EVV solution. Currently, there still is not 100 percent compliance for EVV usage. However, ODM expects this to change.

Who We Are:

The eWebSchedule software system is one of the healthcare solutions offered by Advanced Billing & Consulting Services (ABCS). As an Ohio-based company, they provide valuable services and tools for a wide variety of healthcare agencies.

Their eWebSchedule software package works in a variety of settings and turns the EVV compliance requirement into a valuable feature for agencies. In addition, they also offer dedicated billing and account management services for Medicaid waiver providers.

Contact the friendly and professional staff at ABCS for more information. Click HERE to email them or call them directly at 614.890.9822.

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