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Advanced Billing and Consulting Services (ABCS RCM) has received a substantial amount of phone calls from healthcare professionals asking about MyCare Ohio. What is the goal of this insurance program? What is the impact on healthcare providers? Where is this program going? How can healthcare practitioners find success when using this program?

Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) states that “Ohio has worked closely with the federal government to improve the way health care services are provided by these programs. You will receive – through the MyCare Ohio health plan you choose – all of the medical, behavioral and long-term services and supports you need.”

In general, the program is a unique blend of public and private insurance, which is sometimes confusing for some healthcare providers. It is a departure from the more traditional model of commercial and public insurance.

The MyCare Ohio program is a managed care model designed for Ohioans who receive both Medicaid and Medicare benefits. The MyCare program uses a team approach in order to coordinate care based on an individual’s needs.

Ohio Medicaid has reported that the MyCare Ohio plans offer the same level of benefits to plan members as traditional Medicare and Medicaid plans. The plan benefits include long-term care services, behavioral health as well as other healthcare services. There is no additional cost for individuals to participate in the program.

As a company that specializes in optimizing the revenue cycle for healthcare provider, we created a short video that briefly discusses the Ohio MyCare program. For more detailed information, please directly contact the MyCare program.

What is the MyCare Ohio program?

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