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Health professionals are sometimes confused by the complexity of the claims filing process for major insurance providers. However, at ABCS RCM we have noticed that there are common problems that many healthcare practitioners encounter when trying to render a payment for services provided. Some of these common problems are actually very surprising.

For example, what do the following insurance providers have in common: Medicare, Aetna and United Healthcare?

They all adhere to different filing dates for the same medical service. Medicare’s timely filing date is 365 days from the date of service while Aetna is 120 days, but United Healthcare is a mere 90 days. This can be problematic for healthcare providers whether working with MyCare Ohio, Medicaid, Medicare or commercial insurance providers.

This lack of uniformity in timely filing limits is yet another reason as to why healthcare professionals need help from the trained staff at Advanced Billing & Consulting Services RCM. Our knowledge of medical billing procedures and regulations, as well as our experience of working with various insurance companies; provides valuable assistance to a healthcare practitioner’s accounts receivable and overall revenue cycle.

By understanding the various nuances of timely filing limits, credentialing or insurance contract language; the professionals at ABCS RCM will limit aged accounts and keep your cash flows stable. We also provide credentialing services for a wide array of healthcare specialties.

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