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In California, the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) is requiring Medicaid-funded service provider agencies to implement Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). The required use of EVV is based on a nation-wide federal requirement that has already been implemented in other states.

EVV is a digital communication technology that allows mobile phones to electronically verify that in-home personal care services occurred for an individual/consumer. The EVV technology provides additional proof of service delivery. This is why the use of EVV is a required feature of the 21st Century Cures Act.

DHCS: Required California EVV Data:

The Department of Health Care Services has stated that all electronic visit verification systems must capture and digitally verify the following six pieces of information for phase II providers:

  • Type of service performed.
  • Individual receiving the service.
  • Date of the service.
  • Location of service delivery
  • Individual providing the services.
  • Time the service begins and ends.

Advanced Billing & Consulting Services (ABCS) is an approved alternative vendor for electronic visit verification (EVV) Phase II services in the state of California. As an approved vendor, ABCS has built in connectivity to the Sandata California EVV system. This means that EVV data is automatically sent to the state’s computerized EVV system (Sandata aggregator).

If personal care service visits fail to be captured by the EVV system, manual reviews are still available for organizations and agencies. For example, if a caregiver forgets to clock in or clock out; the California EVV system will flag this visit. However, it is possible to manually review, correct and approve this mistake. Any visit that did not occur as defined by the agency’s caregiver staffing schedule is automatically flagged for review.

Why Choose ABCS RCM:

ABCS helps personal care providers achieve and maintain compliance with state and federal mandates. The eWebSchedule software delivers an effective and affordable EVV solution for Medicaid-funded personal care service providers. The EVV solution is cloud-based, secure and uniquely designed for the needs of California personal care service (PCS) provider agencies.

As a software solution, eWebSchedule helps personal care service providers maximize their time. Beyond recording EVV data, they can also verify work schedules, check consumer information, communicate with their agency and more.

As a California EVV solution with integrated EVV, agencies improve their efficiency while limiting manually entering visit information. This reduction in data entry tasks helps agencies optimize their delivery of personal care services and save money in the long run.

About Advanced Billing & Consulting Services:

ABCS RCM has years of experience in providing account management services to the Medicaid waiver provider community. They have been delivering workforce management, billing and account management services since 1997.

To learn more or schedule a free demo, email or call them at 614-890-9822.

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