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This year, from September 11th to 17th, is Direct Support Professional Recognition Week. The week is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating everything that direct support professional, or DSPs, do in order to help the individuals that they serve.

All of us at Advanced Billing & Consulting Services understand that direct support professionals are the most essential part of a provider agency. We are greatly for everything that they do in order to ensure that individuals with developmental disabilities receive the necessary supports and services.

Direct Support Professional Recognition Week, also called Direct Support Professional Appreciation Week, is a chance to remind people about the important contributions that DSPs make to their community. As a profession, direct care workers are sometimes forgotten about, even though their work is a crucial piece in the delivery of quality services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

We are thankful for the work that direct support professionals do for the I-DD community. DSPs play a vital role in the system and truly have the ability to change the lives of the people they work with on a daily basis.

In Ohio, policy makers and political leaders have recognized the contributions that DSPs make to the health care system.

In 2020, former Ohio DODD Director Jeff Davis expressed his appreciation for everything that direct support professionals accomplish on their job. “It’s appreciated by the families that have the individuals that you support, and most importantly, right for those individuals that you support in this time, your commitment to them is immeasurable.”

On a similar note, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine also thanked DSPs for all of “their hard work and dedication.” The recognition was especially pressing, since this was in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

A week of appreciation and recognition is a way to say thank you and raise awareness about the issues that DSPs face. The financial compensation for the work that DSPs perform could be better, but they are still an irreplaceable piece for delivering effective Medicaid-funded long term supports and services. Provider agencies and community members understand that these workers are an integral part of life for people in the I-DD community.

DSPs work directly with people with developmental disabilities and support them so that they can more fully participate in their communities. DSPs help individuals achieve a better quality of life and gain as much daily independence as possible.

In accomplishing this task, some of the essential responsibilities for DSPs include:

  • Provide help with transportation requirements.
  • Help individuals stay safe and avoid potential hazards.
  • Supervising and helping individuals with their personal behavior.
  • Provide assistance for personal care and similar tasks such as cooking.
  • Help individuals with shopping and managing their personal finances.
  • Monitor and report any instances of neglect or abuse.

In the end, direct support professionals and homemaker/personal care (HPC) workers have challenging occupations. Yet, we all greatly appreciate and recognize the irreplaceable services they deliver to the I-DD community.


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