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For Ohio Medicaid Waiver Providers, the topic of electronic visit verification (EVV) has been a popular topic. The federal government is mandating that all I-DD Phase 2 service providers use EVV in their billing transactions. This has created some concern and confusion in the Ohio Waiver provider community.

Ohio Waiver Provider Agencies and EVV:

These concerns are well-founded, and ABCS RCM (Advanced Billing & Consulting Services) and eWebSchedule have both followed this topic as the state of Ohio and Sandata have released more information. ABCS RCM, through its eWebSchedule software solution, is now an alternate vendor of EVV documentation in the state of Ohio.

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How ABCS RCM Helps:

In order for ABCS RCM to meet the time collection and billing needs of Ohio Waiver Provider agencies, eWebschedule was developed a software as a service (SaaS) solution. This solution has been built from the ground up to meet the unique needs and challenges of the Ohio Waiver community who are phase 2 service providers. It was not for example originally designed for another industry (nursing homes, food service, etc.), but then later sold as a solution to I-DD agencies.

ABCS RCM’s solution is a time collection mobile app that meets the EVV mandated requirements, but also provides so much more. Here is a brief list:

  • The app can document any shift worked by a DSP. The eWebschedule app automatically knows which DSP shifts must be reported to the Sandata aggregator.
  • The EVV solutions is unique in the fact that it allows a DSP to see the shift a supervisor has authorized. This includes any shift notes added by the supervisor.
  • Instantly communicate to staff on any subject at any time with a Message Console feature. The feature includes a “Read Acknowledgement” option.
  • Intuitively access a map on your phone based on the schedule.  Prior to the DSP leaving for the next visit, view the schedule to access a map for driving directions.
  • The mobile phone app has a variety of features built into it. As a time collection app, it supports capturing scheduled visits, unscheduled visits, community/group visits as well as non-billable time.

This solution provides a powerful workforce management tool that is flexible and robust, but easy to operate. Agencies can quickly create and modify employee schedules, track EVV data, monitor payroll expenses and easily generate billing invoices.

The time collection, EVV and time-to-billing capabilities of eWebSchedule are part of ABCS RCM’s suite of services for Ohio Waiver Providers. As a company that has delivered quality billing, workforce management and account management services since 1997, they understand these concerns. For more information, contact ABCS RCM at 614-890-9822 or eWebSchedule at 614.882.0726.

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