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Effective time management, EVV compliant, Faster timecard collection, Quickly generate billing invoices & Instant staff communication.


EVV Capabilities

eWeb’s mobile app captures visit information & works both in and out of data coverage.

Flexible & Robust

Cloud-based software provides a variety of tools that are designed for the needs of agencies.

Fully Connected

Supervisors and DSPs are instantly notified about schedule openings and new updates.

Flexible and Affordable Pricing Models

All plans include introductory technical support, upgrades and training. Agency-specific consulting services are also available.

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Our service plans range from streamlined EVV only subscriptions to Premium Account Management packages.


How We Help:

Our eWebSchedule software is a cost-effective system that works in real-time and is simple to operate. eWebSchedule is quick to implement and will improve your organization’s efficiency. Become more productive and experience the eWebSchedule difference today!

Our system allows a supervisor to see who is scheduled from anywhere, at any time. When needed, quickly adjust schedules and stay connected. Quickly spot scheduling errors while matching staffing levels to fluctuating work demands. Easily analyze the hours worked in order to increase productivity and safety.

Whether employees need to request time off, exchange a shift with another employee or clock in, they can quickly do this in just a few seconds. Employees are now aware of available shift openings and updates. This helps staff members feel more empowered and part of the overall scheduling process.

  • EVV Compliant 100% 100%
  • Analyze Staffing Patterns 100% 100%
  • Manage Multiple Locations 100% 100%
  • Ohio-based Tech Support 100% 100%
How Can eWebSchedule Help Me Save Money?
  • Initially through saving time due to the fact that staff scheduling is more quickly and efficiently completed. 
  • The eWebSchedule system includes a “staff analysis” tool that allows managers to easily monitor schedules. Any back-to-back shifts as well as over/under staffing patterns are quickly discovered.
  • Supervisors can use the “hour analysis” graphing function to accurately identify overtime situations. Excessive overtime is minimized and employees who possess available hours are readily detected. 
Will This Create More Work For Managers?
  • Over the long-term, the integrated features and intuitive design reduces overall workload.
  • The unique design reduces the amount of time required to create and manage employee schedules. Staff members provide their own availability, while submitting final schedule changes to their supervisor for approval.
  • These features save time for managers, while still providing them final editing control of staff schedules.
  • The scheduling process is uninterrupted and a level of stability is maintained, even when there is staff turnover in the management positions.
Are There Long-Term Contracts Or Hidden Fees?
  • You are welcome to pay month-to-month.
  • There are NO hidden fees.
  • We offer discounts for 3, 6 and 12 month packages.
  • All expenses are clearly outlined in each service package.
Do Managers Give Up Control By Allowing Employees To Post And Trade Shifts?
  • You maintain control and possess numerous customizable options.
  • Business managers have the option to decide whether their staff has the ability to post and trade shifts.
  • Managers possess the flexibility with eWebSchedule to determine which workers can engage in this activity.
  • Control options also exist that require supervisor approval for all shift modifications.

"As a result of eWebSchedule, we estimate 20% to 25% savings in administrative time as it relates to compiling and managing schedule-related tasks. One specific area that provided unexpected savings relates to our employee self-service options. Through this self-service option, our agency has benefited from fewer interruptions from staff as it relates to the work schedule."

Adult Day Services, Columbus, OH