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Designed for Waiver Provider Agencies

Software Tools Specifically Designed for Medicaid Waiver Provider Agencies.

Reliable & Affordable Software Solutions


Quickly create/modify employee schedules, payroll expenses and easily generate billing invoices.

Adult-day programs, Non-medical transport, ICF/DD (Group Homes), Supported living and Institutional respite.


Account Management

Manage employees, payroll hours and service delivery. View overtime and service utilization before staff hours are worked.

Generate Payroll Hours

Flexible and robust solutions that readily integrates with a variety of payroll applications and vendors. Gain detail control of payroll data.

Compliance Monitoring

Make sure all DSPs are up-to-date with their training requirements. Everything from initial training to background checks.

Messenger Console

Improve communication with your staff.  Have the ability to instantly communicate by text and email on any subject at any time.

Time Collection

Create billing entries based on approved documented work time, with every billing unit supported by documented time.

Workforce Scheduling

Quickly create & modify employee schedules. Reduce staffing conflicts, managing EVV records, identify service and payroll gaps.

Intuitive Interface

  • Other systems easily connect.
  • Convenient staffing pattern and time collection reporting.
  • Various “analysis” tools find staff discrepancies.
  • Error prevention function eliminates mistakes.

Seamless Connection

  • Compatible with most operating systems and devices.
  • Provides functionality for numerous industries.
  • Communication is role-based and secure.
  • Works in low-bandwidth internet environments.

Solve Problems

  • Manage multiple sites or locations.
  • Receive real-time internal text and email alerts.
  • Perform automated scheduling updates.
  • Quickly perform time-off request and shift exchanges.

Customer Support

  • Cloud-based with no software to install.
  • Includes free set-up, training and technical support.
  • Includes live support as well as online tutorials.
  • Compatible with all major internet browsers.
We Help Agencies Solve the Puzzle of Effective Compliance & Optimized Workforce Management.

“We can easily discover gaps and overlaps in service as well as separate assigned hours for on-site versus on-call.”

“The ability for ewebschedule’s EVV & scheduling to integrate with our existing accounting software is fantastic.”

“As an Agency, We can now quickly break down staff overtime and see how many hours each service location is using.”

Our Motivation

We understand the time and effort required to keep an organization running smoothly. We used to spend countless hours ensuring that shifts were filled, overtime limits maintained, eliminating double shifts, etc. However, even with the most careful attention to detail, scheduling conflicts and problems still occurred.

We decided that there was a better way to create quick, accurate and dynamic schedules. This is why eWebSchedule was created. We wanted a user-friendly, cloud-based system that everyone could use. 

Effective staffing solutions, easier timecard collection as well as quick and accurate employee scheduling.

Focus on more important matters like providing great service to the individuals that you help.

ABCS RCM & eWebSchedule

As a software solution, eWebSchedule helps waiver provider agencies deliver excellent service to the individuals that they serve.

eWebSchedule helps keep agencies optimized and in compliance.


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Let eWebSchedule help:

We help you see the connections in your data so that your agency is more efficient.




"Staff can now use eWebSchedule to check their schedule, find their own coverage when the need arises, use the website to pick up additional hours, to request time off or request to change their availability. These options are now managed through the website without sacrificing control of the process."

Director of Supported Living, Toledo, OH