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Targeted Online PPC Advertising

Access the latest Pay-Per-Click tools (PPC) and promote your healthcare services. Through the use of experience, algorithms and artificial intelligence we help you generate quality leads that grow your practice or facility.

One of the benefits of PPC advertising is that you only pay when the viewer clicks or makes a phone call through your ad. Even if your ad is not clicked, potential patients still see (and read) your advertisement.


Internet Search: Find new patients based on search behavior.


Geotargeting Ads: Target new patients by their location.


Scale Up: Quickly drive more relevant traffic to your website.

PPC Ad Management: Efficient and Customizable

ABCS RCM provides clear and understandable performance reports. These are customized to meet the unique needs of individual healthcare professionals.

We understand that E-commerce advertising strategies are not the best fit for healthcare professionals. As a medical billing company, we understand the unique needs and requirements of the industry.


Drive more relevant traffic to your website.


Receive more new patient phone calls.


Increase the number of visits to your practice.

Targeted, experienced and affordable online advertising for medical practices.

We deliver results — not hype!

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Honest & Transparent

There is a Wild West attitude in the online marketing industry. Little regulation and rapidly changing technology have created a confusing environment. Customers sometimes feel like they are pay too much for too little. We understand this frustration.

We implement ad management solutions that produce effective, streamlined and affordable results. Our monthly performance reports gives you data that is personalized, clear and straight-forward. 

Our loyalties are to our clients, and not Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. We present you with advertising options that fit the goals (and budget) of your medical practice. Our mission is to help you succeed and grow your facility.


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PPC Advertising: Types of Ads

Search Engine Ads:

Primarily shown in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. These ad types appear as a response to people’s internet search queries. Search ads are great for generating calls and brand awareness for healthcare practices. 

Facebook Ads:

Will primarily display on Facebook’s (& Instagram) platform. Good for generating internet traffic and brand awareness. These ads are displayed to viewers based on their Facebook profile, location and demographic information. 

LinkedIn Ads:

These ads are displayed on the LinkedIn platform, which is owned by Microsoft. Similar to Facebook, these ads target potential patients based on their profile, location and other demographical information. 

Twitter Ads:

Twitter offers three kinds of ads, Promoted, Follower, and Trend Takeover. For medical practices, Promoted ads are usually the most effective and operate based on location, search topic and demographic information. These ads allow you to reach a wider audience while still engaging with existing followers.

Display & Video Ads:

Good for building brand awareness and name recognition. These ads display more images and videos. Heavily displayed on platforms such as YouTube. Ads show up in YouTube’s search results or may appear before, during or after another video is played.