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Google AdWords Express – 5 Tips for Healthcare Providers

AdWords Express, Healthcare Providers, Google AdWords and AdWords Express are one of the most popular and effective pay-per-click (PPC) platforms. Google AdWords is impressive but a medical practice or healthcare agency must allocate a sizable amount of money directly...

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Healthcare Providers, Patients & Social Media

Social media networks are an important method of mass digital communication. Celebrities, politicians and companies have been forced to learn how to use these new channels of communication. Social media provides a direct way to message patients as...

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Maintaining Patient Engagement While Using EHRs: 5 Tips

Over the years, medical practice and healthcare facility have gradually shifted to using EHRs (electronic health records) or EMRs (electronic medical records). This shift to digital records was mandated by the Health Information Technology for...

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Online Marketing for Medical Practices

The world has changed for healthcare providers, with patients now more willing to shop around for healthcare. As patients are now required to financially cover a greater amount of their own medical treatment, they are changing how they utilize their healthcare...

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Addiction Treatment Update — Naloxone Recall

(Naloxone, an opioid overdose antidote. Scott Olson—Getty Images) Many parts of the United States and in the midst of an opioid addiction crisis, which has inspired numerous lawsuits against drug manufacturers and distributors. The opioid problem was recently made...

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Ohio Medicaid Redesign and Behavioral Health Billing

Ohio Medicaid Redesign, Behavioral Health Billing,  At ABCS, one of our specialties is providing billing services for behavioral health and addiction treatment professionals. We are watching the transition in services as the state of Ohio Department of Medicaid...

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Outsourcing Medical Billing: 4 Reasons

Outsourcing Medical Billing, Physicians and other healthcare professionals are increasingly confronted with reduced reimbursement rates from insurance providers, but face rising operational cost in their offices and clinics. These operational costs arise from staff...

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