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Can Stress Shrink Brain Size?

  A recent medical study by researchers from Harvard Medical School; Boston University School of Medicine; the University of California, Davis at Sacramento; UT Health San Antonio and the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute has produced some...

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Data Security For Healthcare Providers

  The field of healthcare has always experienced waves of change at both the technological and infrastructure level. Many of these changes are arising from advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, bioengineering and new models of...

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More Women Attending Medical School in Ohio

  As conversations about gender equality and the MeToo Movement have encouraged U.S. society to reflect on past practices and societal norms, another statistical change has been gathering momentum. Current data shows that more women are entering and...

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Can You Sue a Radiologist For Negligence?

  The field of radiology is changing and challenging. One of these challenges is the potential threat of malpractice lawsuits and claims of negligence. The vast majority of malpractice lawsuits and claims of negligence tend to arise from delayed or...

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Using Virtual Reality Therapy For Pain Management

  A new healthcare technology slowly changing how physicians manage pain. To some, it may sound like fantasy, but virtual reality therapy (VR) is showing promise as a possible drug-free alternative for pain management. There are numerous medical...

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Medical Billing Services in Columbus Ohio

  Medical providers need to focus on their patients and not tedious administrative task. This is one of the core principles for ABCSrcm. We let healthcare professionals excel at what they were trained to do – help people. Our experienced medical...

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