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Healthcare Challenges for Facebook

It is no secret that Facebook is attempting to expand into the healthcare marketplace. As of July 2018, the company was worth over $629 billion, so it certainly has the financial capability. Yet, recent events over the past few months are creating...

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Ohio Medical News: 3 Recent Updates

As an Ohio-based company that provides healthcare billing and account management services, we periodically examine recent Ohio medical and healthcare-related news stories. Healthcare innovation plays a major role in Ohio’s economy, the state still...

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The Growing Presence of Big Tech in Healthcare

An earlier ABCS RCM article explored the recent trend of big technology corporations entering the healthcare industry. Big tech companies are traditionally known for everything from software, hardware, internet applications and social media...

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Top 5 Medical Billing & Healthcare Trends Articles

Photo Credit: Unsplash With the start of the new year, the staff at ABCS RCM are taking pause and reflecting on the year that was 2018. Our regular news articles focus on medical billing topics and other trends in the healthcare industry. In the...

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Emergency Room Billing Policies: Anthem vs. Physicians

Photo Credit: Pixabay At ABCS RCM, we routinely report on major legal actions which may have an impact on the healthcare provider and revenue cycle management industry. One such major legal action related to the healthcare industry is working its...

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