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Going on vacation? Leaving the country? Then make sure you take your passport, but this should not be confused with the Ohio Medicaid PASSPORT Waiver.

The experienced staff at Advanced Billing and Consulting Services know that the Ohio Medicaid waiver program allows seniors, who require a nursing facility level of care, to remain living at home or in their community and receive care in these locations.

Seniors benefit from a better quality of life by providing them a choice of residential locations in which they can receive care services. The state of Ohio saves money by leveraging the caregiving provided by friends, spouses and family members.

Unfortunately, the state of Ohio caps the amount of money spent on a senior in the program each month. The cost of care provided at home cannot exceed 60% of the cost for that same care if it were provided in a nursing home. The types of care paid for under PASSPORT include personal care, both at home and in adult day care settings, independent living support, such as home-delivered meals, laundry, housekeeping, etc.

Also, covered are medical equipment, disposable supplies, and transportation assistance for doctor visits and medical appointments. The expert staff at ABCS RCM can help you navigate the complexities of this program and optimize your medical billing.

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Ohio Medicaid PASSPORT Waiver