Ohio Medicaid Waiver Provider Agencies





ABCS Understand the Unique Billing Needs of Medicaid Waiver Provider Agencies.

Optimized Time Collection, Compliance Management, EVV Capabilities and Comprehensive Reporting & Analytics.

Workforce & Account Management Tools For Waiver Providers.

Some of the benefits and services that we offer include:

Utilization Problems

Examine staffing hours so that your agency utilizes every unit that has been allotted to them.

Over/Under Providing

Providers can see what was invoiced, versus what was authorized and captured by EVV data.


We help you fix problems with daily billing units, adult day services and non-medical transportation services.

Medicaid Waiver Providers

We work with all waiver types including Level 1, Individual Options and Self Waivers.

Schedule Management

We provide workforce staffing tools that create and modify schedules as well as manage payroll expenses.


Easily separate billable versus non-billable hours and efficiently calculate payroll hours.

Waiver Providers: an Art & Science

There is an “art” and a “science” to every agency. The art is what makes the agency unique. Like their focus on the individuals, the quality of the services delivered, training & supervising direct care staff, etc.

The science is the billing and reporting of payroll hours. Our Account Management Service addresses the science of your agency’s business needs.

ABCS processes billing and claims for a variety of healthcare professionals. However, we understand the needs of the Medicaid / HCBS waiver provider community. We meet these needs by providing accurate, up-to-date billing services as well as account and  workforce management tools.

We understand the challenges of aligning what states and counties authorize versus what an agency provides.

ABCS RCM is alternative an electronic visit verification (EVV) vendor for Phase 2 Providers.

Our software solution (eWebSchedule) is specifically designed for the unique billing and scheduling needs of Medicaid & HCBS Waiver Provider Agencies.

Explore our online solution for optimizing employee schedules and time collection

Save time, increase productivity and go paperless!

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