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We here at Advanced Billing and Consulting Services (ABCS) RCM specializes in medical billing for practitioners who administer mental health and addiction counseling. We understand that there is more to medical billing than simply listing a diagnosis code and then attaching the appropriate procedure code on a superbill.

For example, commonly-used modifiers like 25, 26, 51, 59, or 76 when used properly, will limit the number of denials from payers and create a more predictable revenue cycle.

At ABCSrcm, we are well aware of the nuances of behavioral health billing in the state of Ohio. Whether it is the variance in filing deadlines that can occur under managed care plans, or the fact that some insurance providers will pay for an hour of counseling while others will not. We know that just because a CPT code exists, does not guarantee that insurers will reimburse you for that procedure.

We provide access to numerous medical clearinghouses and billing databases, as well as a variety of web-based insurance portals. We also help new mental health practitioners with their credentialing and NPIs, as well as experienced providers with the task of navigating sites like the CAQH or MITS.

Here are some of the benefits that we deliver to our clients:

  • Maximize your most precious commodity . . . time.
  • Extend the size of your staff at a fraction of the cost.
  • Greatly reduce the amount of rejected and denied claims.
  • File claims in a timely manner, posting payments and resolve denied claims.
  • Offer a customized superbill to fit the needs of your practice.
  • Create and mail monthly patient statements (optional).
  • Initiate the debt collection process.

ABCS RCM excels in the fact that we will chase down every claim in a timely manner. We possess an expert staff who will conduct the appropriate research, and more importantly; make phone calls to the various insurance providers in order to make sure every claim is paid. We become an extension of your staff. So, you can spend less time worrying about paperwork and telephone calls, and more time focusing on your patients. We have a wide range of experience in processing claims for private insurance, commercial payer, dual eligible, Medicare, Medicaid and workers compensation plans.

ABCS RCM is a local company with strong and long-established roots in Ohio. We offer experienced medical billing solutions, credentialing services, web design/SEO/PPC as well as workforce management tools (SaaS) for healthcare agencies. Since 1997, a dedication to delivering quality medical billing and great customer service has granted us the opportunity to expand our business.

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