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Healthcare practitioners can struggle with outstanding claims and aged accounts. This is why ABCS RCM offers skilled medical billing help for health professionals who are experiencing revenue loss from un-rendered claims.

In order to work through a backlog of unpaid claims, medical practitioners will have to spend valuable time corresponding with insurance providers and patients in order to capture some of this lost revenue. Aging accounts can quickly creep up and occur due to a variety of factors: incorrect CPT codes, lack of credentialing, not in the network, faulty EDI, etc.

In addition, many healthcare professionals struggle to stay ahead of the changing policies and regulations surrounding public and private payer insurance. From to maintaining access to insurance panels and re-attestation to revalidation staying up-to-date on the CAQH, practitioners often find that they spend more time on paperwork, and less time seeing patients.

All of these reasons can create billing problems that will disrupt a healthcare professional’s revenue cycle, which in turn creates financial hardships for that medical practice. After extensive phone calls and email exchanges, outstanding claims are resolvable and payment rendered, but this takes considerable time and resources. Time is often the one resource that is not in abundance for healthcare practitioners.

If this is a concern for your practice, Advanced Billing and Consulting Services offers quality medical billing solutions.  Since 1997, ABCS RCM has been providing healthcare professionals with some of the best healthcare billing services available.

As a customer-focused medical billing company, we pride ourselves on our ability to greatly reduce the amount of rejected and denied claims.

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