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Advanced Billing and Consulting Services (ABCS RCM) is an established company that provides medical billing, credential and marketing solutions for a wide variety of healthcare specialties.

Over the years though there is a constant question that many health professionals were not able to easily answer. Especially when discussing the very important tasks of filing claims with the various insurance providers. There is a crucial detail that some healthcare practitioners miss when attempting to submit claims.

Question: what do the following insurance providers have in common: Medicare, Aetna and United Healthcare?

Answer: all of these major insurance providers use different filling dates for medical reimbursement purposes!

Medicare’s timely filing date is 365 days from the date of service, but Aetna’s date is 120 days. The time span is even shorter for United Healthcare with the timely filing limit being a mere 90 days.

These varying timely filing limits are problematic for many healthcare providers, whether they are submitting claims to MyCare Ohio, Medicaid, Medicare or another insurance provider.

This lack of uniformity in timely filing limits is yet another reason as to why healthcare professionals need help from the trained staff at ABCS RCM. Their knowledge of medical billing and insurance provider’s reimbursement policies will greatly assist a healthcare provider’s cash flow and overall revenue cycle. By understanding the industry nuances of timely filing limits, our company helps to prevent aged accounts and write-offs from ever occurring.

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