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The Growth of Paperwork

Healthcare providers are now required to authenticate a greater amount of details in the claims that they submit to payers.

There has been a steady increase in workloads and documentation requirements for many health professionals. The task of keeping up with these demands is a struggle.

Optimized RCM

Implementing efficient and accurate workflows is essential for the financial health of any practice. Professionals with optimized revenue cycles actively manage, and limit, their denial rate.

They realize that the time spent submitting claims that are rejected or denied is a waste of valuable resources and time.

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Accelerate your medical billing process.
In order to develop a more robust revenue cycle, claims must be entered promptly and accurately the first time. When denials occur, payer guidelines and remittance data must be quickly examined in order to understand why this situation occurred, as well as look for opportunities to appeal the denial. In order to accomplish this, health professionals should partner with specialists who are knowledgeable about current documentation requirements, coding procedures as well as best billing practices.

Our goal is for healthcare practitioners to have more time and energy to focus on what they do best — deliver quality patient care.

ABCS RCM provides skilled and effective revenue cycle management solutions for a variety of healthcare providers. Our customer-centric approach to the business of healthcare provides cost-effective solutions to problems such as aged accounts, cash flow issues, credentialing, etc. Your success is our commitment!

Here are a few of the companies and programs that we work with in order to meet the needs of our clients:

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Behavioral and Mental Health - ABCS RCM

"They are good at staying in touch and keeping me in the loop. Now our claim submissions and overall accounts receivable all run much more smoothly and create fewer headaches."

Mindy Cicero – Director, First Choice 

"We have been doing business with ABCS for over 15 years. They do an excellent job with our billing and are always willing to go the extra mile to satisfy me as a customer."

Marvin Sims – CEO, New Hope & Horizons

X-Excel would highly recommend Advanced Billing Consultants to anyone looking for an excellent billing solution. It is very nice to work with a company that truly makes you feel like a partner.

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