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According to the Ohio Council for Home Care and Hospice (OCHCH), the state of Ohio will increase home care rates next year.  The medical billing company Advanced Billing and Consulting Services (ABCS) has learned that OCHCH attended an August 3 meeting with the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM), where they announced broad increases in home care rates, effective January 1, 2017.

Home care agency aides, RNs, and LPNs will be getting a raise in rates, applicable to Medicaid State Plan Home Health Services, PDN, Ohio Home Care Waiver, PASSPORT, TDD, and I.O. Nursing Waiver.

During the meeting, Chief of Medicaid Bureau of Long-Term Care Services and Supports Kim Donica noted that they “heard OCHCH and your members loud and clear about the need for these increases.” ODM will share this information with the Medicaid managed care plans, so that corresponding increases may be applied.

This is good news for the many healthcare providers who primarily rely on Ohio Medicaid for their revenue.

The one exception are home health aides working under a state plan, whom will not see an increase due to having received a 5% increase on January 1, 2016.  OCHCH has provided data to ODM indicating the need for additional home health aide increases and will continue to advocate on behalf of this policy.

ABCS RCM provides account management and time-to-billing software for Ohio DODD Waiver providers.

In the Waiver provider community, people were happy to learn that all PASSPORT providers will also be receiving rate increases. In addition, PASSPORT rates will be modified to make them uniform across the state of Ohio.

In the coming weeks, ODM will announce additional details and the specific amounts for these increases. OCHCH has stated that they will continue to monitor the Ohio Department of Medicaid’s website for updates.

As a full-service medical billing company, we will continue to monitor the ODM for news and updates.

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Ohio Medicaid, Home Care Rate Increase