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The state of Ohio has created new types of certified peer supports as well as a new nonprofit to oversee the distribution of funds from the Ohio opioid settlement.

As a medical billing company, one of our specializations is behavioral health including TMS and community behavioral health centers. Due to this fact, we regularly monitor related news events that impact the Ohio behavioral health provider community.

Peer Support Certification:

Recently, the state of Ohio has expanded their peer support certification program. The Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) has partnered with Governor Mike DeWine’s RecoveryOhio initiative. This program provides financial resources to help with addiction and mental health as well as reinforcing a role known as an Adult Certified Peer Recovery Supporter.

These individuals become certified by taking in-person training or by having previously worked as a peer recovery coach or similar work experience.

Through this combined partnership Ohio officials has created two new types of certified peer support roles.

  • Certified Youth Peer Supporters: focus on children and young adults.
  • Certified Family Peer Supporters: focus on helping families access addiction treatment and mental health resources.

The state of Ohio has allocated substantial resources to expand the use of peer support staff. These support specialist work with other behavior health professionals in order to treat the needs of Ohioans seeking help for addiction and mental illness. The overall goal of the program is for individuals and families to find a path to recovery and a better quality of life.

OneOhio Recovery Foundation Board:

The OneOhio Recovery Foundation Board was recently created with the task of deciding how to spend Ohio’s opioid funds from the legal settlements. The nonprofit board is represented by a variety of state and local officials and will oversee the distribution of money from the 2021 opioid legal settlement. 

The settlement had the United States’ three largest pharmaceutical distributors, as well as drug manufacturer Johnson & Johnson, pay Ohio 808 million dollars in damages. Out of this large sum of money, the newly created nonprofit will decide how to distribute 55 percent of the funds which is 440 million dollars.

The remaining 30 percent of funds will go to over 2000 local Governments and municipalities. The final 15 percent of the settlement will be collected by the state of Ohio.

Similar to the goals of the expanded peer support initiative, the newly created nonprofit’s focus is to help individuals and communities prevent/recovery from the opioid addiction.

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