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It is essential for waiver provider agencies to become more efficient with their administrative requirements. In order to accomplish this task, agencies need services and tools that helps them optimize their organization’s workflow.

At Advanced Billing & Consulting Services (ABCS), we empower Medicaid waiver providers by helping them streamline their administration and billing tasks. We used the same approach when we incorporated the state of Ohio’s EVV mandate into our eWebSchedule software solution. Our time collection solution easily supports Ohio’s EVV requirement, but does so much more.

Beyond the EVV Requirement:

Our approach to the EVV mandate is to deliver a time collection solution that captures the time worked by a DSP to be documented in a single solution. Waiver provider agencies need greater capability than just capturing a GPS time stamp for a visit. They need the ability to communicate with staff on any number of subjects at any time. An administrative problem that our eWebSchedule software solves.

At the same time, it is imperative for employees to see their schedules on any type of device. Our solution displays an employee’s schedule along with any shift notes entered by the supervisor during scheduling entry.

Our EVV and time collection solution goes beyond federal and state requirements and creates a system that works in and out of data coverage areas. This grants and agency the highest percentage possible of GPS compliant visits. So supervisors and managers do not have to spend precious time manually entering visits that were flagged by Sandata.

EVV Features include:

  • Custom-built mobile app for both Apple iOS and Google Play (Android) platforms.
  • Our EVV solution works in and out of data coverage areas.
  • Access to the employee’s schedule directly from the app.
  • Any shift notes or updates entered by the manager during Schedule Entry are displayed to the DSP through the mobile app.
  • The app provides driving directions to all locations serviced by your agency.

Account Management Services:

When agencies use our account management service, their billing tasks are streamlined by our dedicated Account Management team. Our ABCS staff will enter, manage and update all necessary consumer/individual profile information. They import approved timecards and through a series of validations they make sure the data matches your agency’s consumer profile.

We obtain the consumer profiles directly from the state of Ohio’s DODD web portal, and not a third-party website. Once any validation issues are resolved, and EVV time stamps are matched to the consumer profiles; final billing is generated based on the approved time captured through our eWebSchedule software.

There are many ways that the ABCS account management service helps agencies streamline their billing and administrative tasks. For example, our solution prevents interruptions in payment processing for any agency due to staff turnover, illness, vacations, etc. A few of our account management features include:

  • Detailed claim reconciliation and processing reports.
  • Revenue cycle management that tracks invoices and data.
  • Customized payroll submission reports.
  • When applicable — acuity scores, revisions and consumer liability.
  • Dedicated account management specialist.

Reach out to Advanced Billing & Consulting Services (ABCS RCM) for more information at 614.890.9822. As a revenue cycle management company based in Ohio, we have been providing account management services to the Medicaid waiver provider community since 1997.

In addition, we offer experienced medical billing, credentialing and web design/PPC services for a variety of healthcare providers. We understand the complexities of healthcare administrative and revenue cycle management. For additional questions about our services or other related topics, please contact ABCS RCM.

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