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Throughout the year, the state of Ohio periodically releases procedural and regulatory updates for provider agencies that serve the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities. Ohio DODD (Department of Developmental Disabilities) has been pursuing many other initiatives.

For example, at the end of August, Ohio Incident Tracking and Monitoring System (OhioITMS) was launched. The same year, Ohio also introduced a new Restrictive Measures Notification (RMN) that included a total of 11 new RMN reports. These are available for Developmental Centers (DCs), Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs) as well as the County Boards.

The updated system and reporting notification were created so the Ohio provider agencies could more readily provide supports to individuals with developmental disabilities. Providers can also more readily stay in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Standardized Ohio ISPs:

However, a major update is occurring for Ohio Individual Service Plans which are better known as ISPs. This has been an ongoing process over the years in Ohio. A common structure for individual service plans throughout the state is being created by the Ohio DODD. They are creating a statewide, uniform template for ISPs that all people receiving care through the Ohio developmental disabilities system might adopt.

The precise tracking of individual goals, objectives, and abilities is a requirement of modern ISPs. ISPs should also integrate data collecting, goal tracking, and report preparation at the same time. These contemporary strategies should also be safe and HIPAA compliant.

Beyond the previously mentioned regulations, there is actually a lot of variation among ISPs in Ohio. Some commentators contend that in order to standardize the procedure and provide more consistent HCBS waiver services, a single template or universal form is required.

The OISP workgroup was created by the Ohio DODD with this objective in mind. Ohio Individual Service Plan Workgroup is referred to as OISP Workgroup. The group’s goal is to develop a standardized ISP and assessment template for the entire state.

All county boards and Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs) will start using the OhioISP, either on the state platform or through a third-party vendor. Numerous tools have been created to help with the training and transfer to the OhioISP, both of which must be finished by September 2022.

The state of Ohio released an announcement explaining the rationale behind the eventual implementation of the OhioISP:

“The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) has worked collaboratively with the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) as they developed the OhioISP. ODH survey staff have reviewed the OhioISP templates and believe the process will meet certification requirements when implemented appropriately. ODH will continue to work closely with DODD as we as we move forward with the next stages of implementation.”

In the end, the goal is to create a standardized process for developing ISPs. This should create better clarity and consistency for individuals who rely on these services.

We will follow the updates that are released by the Ohio DODD and periodically report on them.

A few of other Ohio ODM updates that we are following include:

Please check back here for regular updates.

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