Optimized Medical RCM & Cash Flow





Stabilize your office’s cash flow & spend less time on paperwork.

Advanced Billing & Consulting Services (ABCS) uses a customer-centric approach to medical billing.

We create cost-effective solutions for healthcare providers.

Medical billing services for a variety of healthcare specialties.

We add value to your practice.

Timely Support

Medical practices quickly increase their level of administrative efficiency by acquiring a skilled back office staff. Customer service and support are what we do best.

Innovative & Stable

We help you become more profitable and productive by providing reliable billing services for various health professionals who rely on predictable reimbursements.

Healthcare RCM

Optimize your revenue cycle by minimizing aged accounts and increasing your cash flow. Eliminate mistakes in staffing schedules and streamline time collection requirements.

Claims Management

Our professional staff are experts at denial management and claims tracking. Our goal is to maximize your allowable reimbursements while protecting revenue.

We Make the Complicated — Easy!


AR consultation and access to EMR/EHR systems.


Expert assistance with RCM and credentialing issues.


Increase your practice's cash flow with less work.


Reduction in rejected, denied and aged accounts.


Readily available account management reports.

  • Maximize Your Most Precious Commodity . . . Time 100% 100%
  • Healthcare RCM Strategies 100% 100%
  • Accelerate Your Work Flow 100% 100%
  • Customer Satisfaction 100% 100%

Healthcare RCM Solutions

Advanced Billing & Consulting Services provides skilled and effective revenue cycle management solutions for healthcare providers.

We possess a customer-centric approach, with a focus on solving your problems. We offer cost-effective solutions to problems such as aged accounts, cash flow, credentialing, etc.

ABCS RCM also offers digital solutions for managing employee schedules and timecards, which are easily created and managed online. Your schedules are easily shared with all staff members using web, text and/or email.

We can help with insurance credentialing?

ABCS RCM is very good about staying in touch. They are easy to reach should I have a question and awesome at keeping me in the loop. Now our claims submissions and overall accounts receivable all run much more smoothly and create fewer headaches.
Mindy Cicero

Director of A/R, First Choice

I needed a one-stop solution capable of processing claims with a variety of insurance providers. It was important for the service to offer more than claim processing. The staff is always dependable, professional and eager to assist.
Stephen Malik, DDS

Owner, Westerville Dental Health

We have been doing business with ABCS for over 14 years. They do an excellent job with our billing and are always willing to go the extra mile to satisfy me as a customer. Their office staff is always efficient, professional and most of all personable.
Marvin Sims

CEO, New Hope & Horizons

Do you need new revenue cycle management solutions for your practice or agency?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of healthcare specialities do you service?

On our Medical & Healthcare page, we list a few of our specialties.  If you require billing services for a specialty that is not listed, please contact us. The size and scope of our current clients range from independent practitioners to large, multiple clinician facilities.

We also offer a SaaS solution for staff scheduling and time collection. Click here for more information.

Are there long-term contacts?
We do not use long term contacts. We provide you the flexibility to decide what is right for your practice or facility.
What is your fee structure and billing rate?
Our fees are reasonable and market competitive. For claims submissions, we are not paid until the claim is financial received from the payer. Our invoice is based on your collected receipts. We are not paid, until you are paid.

We offer consulting for other healthcare billing and account management services. We charge an hourly rate, which varies depending on the provided service (credentialing, research, remediating aged accounts, etc.).

The fee for our staff scheduling and time collection service is based on the number of staff using the system. 

Healthcare solutions: medical billing, workforce management tools, web design & credentialing.

Have Questions?

Reach out to us anytime, and one of our customer service representatives will respond to you as soon as possible.