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As an experienced medical billing company that provides a array of  healthcare-focused revenue cycle management services, we understand that aged medical claims can create severe problems for many healthcare providers.

At Advanced Billing and Consulting Services (ABCS) we have watched the cost of insurance premiums, deductibles as well as healthcare treatments slowly increase over the years.

Health insurance plans have offered increasingly higher deductibles to plan members. A fact that creates medical bills that are still too large even though the individual has health insurance. For many people, healthcare insurance deductibles have been rising faster than their wages. 

The Kaiser Family Foundation, a healthcare policy research group, has been conducting annual surveys of employer health benefits since 2010. They concluded that healthcare insurance deductibles have increased more than six times faster than U.S. wages.

A report published by the Kaiser foundation in September, 2015 “health insurance plans have offered increasingly higher deductibles to customers over recent years, creating medical bills that are still too large despite health insurance.” The data is reinforced by the fact that insurance deductibles have been increasing faster than employee’s wages.

The cost of healthcare insurance and medical care is a pressing issue. When individuals find themselves in dire financial situations, they either skip paying the out of pocket expenses or forgo receiving medical treatments.

As a medical billing and consulting company, we actively work with healthcare providers in order to move their claims process forward. ABCS RCM provides an additional line of communication between healthcare providers and their patients. Our goal is to resolve aged claims so that all parties can move forward.

Contact us for additional questions about this topic or general questions about healthcare revenue cycle management services. Our company also provides billing services and workforce management tools for Medicaid Waiver providers (HCBS & ICF) and website development.

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