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News headlines from around the nation vividly describe how countless families, communities and cities have been forced to confront the rise of opioid addiction. We know this due to the fact that ABCS RCM provides experienced revenue cycle management solutions for behavioral health professionals.

By providing substance abuse and addiction treatment billing for mental health providers, we have gained a greater understanding of the severity of the problem. When exploring the opioid crisis, there are some positive stories and possible solutions.

In some communities, collaboration has started to occur among healthcare providers, law enforcement and politicians. Task forces have been created in order to discuss effective responses to this crisis. One possible answer to have EMTs and other emergency responders carry the drug Naloxone.

This drug is helpful in stopping, or even reversing, the effects of opioid medication. During an overdose of an opioid-based drug, Naloxone is an effective course of action in this type of emergency situation. Simply put, if Naloxone can be administered quickly enough, lives can be saved.

However, opioid addiction has a powerful influence on the user. A near-fatal experience due to an overdose is not enough to prevent individuals who are addicted to narcotics to stop. The use of drugs like Naloxone is only the first step. What is also required is an intervention by a behavioral health professional.

Individuals struggling with addiction should be strongly encouraged to enter treatment programs, however they should willingly agree to seek help. Regular visits from mental health and addiction counseling providers should occur until the individual agree to get help.

This two-step approach has been used successfully in towns and cities across the nation. Some municipalities have seen substantial decreased in opioid overdoses. In addition, these same areas have experienced an increase in the number of people joining substance abuse and addiction treatment programs.

As many health providers know, including addiction treatment professionals; the amount of paperwork and documentation required to connect people to treatment is sometimes overwhelming. This is why it is helpful to have a behavioral health specialist who can help people suffering from opioid addiction connect to treatment programs.

These programs sound great, but there is a catch – funding. As economists often point out, there is no free lunch. A lack of financial resources is a major stumbling block for these programs. However, there is a solution to the opioid crisis, but not without with proper funding and a firm commitment to public health.

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