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At ABCS, one of our specialties is delivering revenue cycle management services for behavioral health and addiction treatment professionals. With this in mind, here is advice for utilizing some of the features and tools available for community behavioral health centers, or CBHCs, on the Ohio Department of Medicaid’s website.

Enrollment, Affiliation & Credentialing:

The Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) has created new tools in order to help community behavioral health center (CBHC) providers. These tools are part of ODMs redesign of the mental health system in the state. They have switched from a state-run system to a managed care model.

CBHCs are considered MITS provider types 84 and 95 in the state of Ohio. These tools are focused on assisting mental health professionals with the tasks of enrollment, affiliation of rendering practitioners and ongoing insurance credentialing requirements with managed care plans (MCPs).

For Medicaid MCP behavioral health providers here is some general advice for enrollment and credentialing. This is a summary of the required steps. For a more complete guide, please refer to the ODM’s pdf on this topic. The basic steps to complete this process are as follows:

  • First: locate the CBHC Practitioner Enrollment File. This is an online spreadsheet listing all behavioral health agencies and their affiliated practitioners.
  • Second: Use the CBHC Universal Roster. This is a single roster that is submitted by behavioral health practitioners. The CBHC Universal Roster is used to report staffing changes to the Medicaid Managed Care Plans.
  • Third: Use the Ohio Department of Medicaid Generated Roster. The ODM-Generated Roster is a report that uses specific information from the MITS (Medicaid Information Technology System) website.

What If There Are Mistakes In the Enrollment File?

If mental health providers find mistakes in Medicaid’s CBHC Practitioner Enrollment File, they should fix these problems. They will need to fix these mistakes and make corrections in MITS. Practitioners should contact ODM be email in order to make changes to individual provider specialties and supporting documentation.

Behavioral health providers can make agency affiliation changes through the MITS secure portal. While doing this, all CBHCs should review any other file information on the MITS. Otherwise, healthcare providers should continue to monitor and ensure that their information on the MITS is accurate.

This is due to the fact that this information is shared with all participating MCPs. If the data on an agency’s providers is incorrect, there is a possibility of rejected or denied claims.

Outsourcing These Tasks:

Maintaining up-to-date enrollment, affiliation and credentialing information takes valuable time and resources. If CBHCs find these requirements to be too much of a challenge, outsourcing these tasks is a possible solution.

Managing this complex process and maze of payer requirements is a time-consuming task. These requirements can quickly drain resources away from your practice. In this regard, it makes more sense to outsource these regulatory requirements to an agency that specializes in this activity.

About Us:

Advanced Billing & Consulting Services (ABCS) delivers a complete suite of revenue cycle management tools for behavioral health professionals. Our company provides experienced medical billing and credentialing/enrollment services for behavioral health professionals. This includes inpatient psychiatric hospitalization, partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) as well as outpatient treatments.

In addition, we provide efficient claims management and patient statements for a wide variety of mental health treatments such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

Our credentialing services allow health professionals to submit applications and monitor their status. This is true whether they are a physician, psychologist, NP, LISW, etc.

Our skilled team helps behavioral centers and mental health practices increase their revenue while saving on their administrative costs. As an Ohio-based company, our dedicated and experienced account executives are available to answer any questions. This unique approach to revenue cycle management allows us to create a customizable service package that fully addresses a center or practice’s needs.

Beyond billing services for behavioral health centers, ABCS also offers online marketing and workforce management tools for agencies that provide services to the Ohio I-DD community. For additional questions about medical billing or other revenue cycle topics, please contact us.

To learn more, email or call them at 614-890-9822 or 866-460-2455.

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